Monday, October 28, 2013

How to React When Tantrums Arise

Patience is a virtue, and Moms of disabled kids (and normal kids) could really use this mantra. The kids may throw tantrums even in public vehicles, public places (mall, grocery, school) or places you wont wish to calm a flare up, but having a very long patience and being calm are some of the best tools in Handling Tantrums. When i was confronted with tantrums for the first time it really drove me crazy, even sent me to my wit's end, and end up really really upset and angry, but as time passes, (after 6 years and 3 kids) I got used to it and formulated some techniques on how to react when faced with the kid's sudden outburst.

1. Stay Calm. Deep breathing and counting one to ten before reacting to a tantrum really help in calming ourselves and clearing our mind so we could react accordingly and avoid having a fit of rage over the child's behavior.

2. Ignore the tantrum. Giving even the negative attention to the tantrum will validate the behavior and may give the child the feeling of superiority because they think that tantrums are a great way to get our attention, get what they want, and have it their way. Don't react, or walk away, take a few steps and let the child have the tantrum.

3. Figure out the cause of the tantrum. Tantrums can be triggered by a number of things like getting hungry, sleepy, boredom, frustration over something, or sometimes, it's because they want to have something.

4. Don't Give in. Giving in to the demands will only reinforce the behavior and may use it even after the age that they should cease having tantrums.

5. Don't use physical force or discipline to regain control. It will only led them to think that spanking or hitting is acceptable and may have an effect on their psychological and social development. They may even learn to use it when they became frustrated with other kids. It also indicates that you are out of control.


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