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Rock Artists Who Died Before Age 30

Today is the 41st death anniversary of the music industry's greatest electric guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Like Hendrix, some of the rockstars' lives are inspirational, dramatic, and tragic. Some continue to live until their old age, and some had lived to fame and popularity only to cut short by accidents, disease, drug-related problems, and suicide. Here are Top ten rockstars who died before the age 30.

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1. Jim Morrison - The frontman of The Doors died on July 3, 1971 due to heroin overdose. He was found by his long time partner Pamela Courson in the bathtub of his apartment in Paris. He was age 27.

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2. Janis Joplin - The lead singer of the Psychedelic-Acid Rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company died on October 4, 1970 due to heroin overdose. She had a drug-and-alcohol-drenched life and died at the tender age of 27.

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3. Cliff Burton - Metallica's bassist died on September 27, 1986 due to an accident. He was asleep on the band's tour bus during Metallica's Damage Inc Tour in Europe. The bus skidded off the road and flipped onto the grass in a road in rural of south Sweden. Cliff was thrown out of the window of the bus which fell on top of him killing him instantly. He was 24 years old during the time of his death.

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4. Jimi Hendrix - He succumb to his drug addiction on September 18, 1970 in London due to respiratory arrest. He was considered as one of the greatest electric guitarist of the rock music industry. He died at the age of 27.

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5. Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines - One of the most tragic deaths in the music industry was the death of the three members of Lynyrd Skynyrd in a plane crash on October 20, 1977. Ronnie was 29, Steve was 28, and Cassie was 29 at the time of their death.

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6. Brian Jones - One of the founding members of the Rolling Stones was found dead on the pool of his East Sussex home in England on July 3, 1969 by his girlfriend Anna Wohlin. The coroner's report stated "death by misadventure", and noted his liver and heart were heavily enlarged by drug and alcohol abuse. He was age 27 during his death.

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7. Shannon Hoon - The lead vocals of Blind Melon died on October 21, 1995 due to cocaine overdose. On the night before his death, he launched into an all-night drug binge following their performance in Houston. He was age 28 during his death.

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8. Ian Curtis - The lyricist and lead vocals of the post punk rock band Joy Division hanged himself in the kitchen of his home in Macclesfield in the early hours of May 18, 1980. This was due to his failing health as a result of the epilepsy and his failing marriage. He died at age 23.

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9. Hillel Slovak - The original guitarist and the founding member of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers was found dead by police in his Hollywood apartment on June 27, 1988. After his autopsy, authorities determined that he had died two days earlier on June 25, 1988 due to a heroin overdose. He died at age 26.

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10. Kurt Cobain - On April 8, 1994, Cobain's body was discovered at his Lake Washington home by an electrician who had arrived to install a security system. Apart from a minor amount of blood coming out of Cobain's ear, the electrician reported seeing no visible signs of trauma, and initially believed that Cobain was asleep until he saw the shotgun pointing at his chin. A note was found, addressed to Cobain's childhood imaginary friend "Boddah", that stated that Cobain hadn't "felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music, along with really writing . . . for too many years now". A high concentration of heroin and traces of diazepam were also found in his body. Cobain's body had been lying there for days; the coroner's report estimated Cobain to have died on April 5, 1994. He was 27 at the time of his death. (Wikipedia)


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