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Rock Songs with Female-Name Title

Statue of Eleanor Rigby in Stanley Street, Liverpool. A plaque to the right describes it as
"Dedicated to All the Lonely People"
Another Source of Inspiration for rock artists to come up with a great song are women. Some songs about women are written as a result of a breakup, rejection, or just a confession of love and adoration for that special girl. Some of these songs are also titled with female names, which strongly shows how bad she got to the guy's system. Here are some of the great rock songs titled with a girl's name.

1. Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles This Dark and sad song from the 1966 Revolver album ironically has a catchy beat, you would want to sing over and over. The song is considered as a lament for lonely people, as implied by the lyrics (lonely people, where do they come from?).
2. Angie - The Rolling Stones It was believed that the song was written for David Bowie's first wife Angela or Angela Dickinson, the Actress. Another belief was it was written for Keith Richard's daughter Angela who had just been born. But Keith Claimed on his biography that 'Angie' was his pseudonym for Heroin and his attempt to quit while he was detoxing in Switzerland.
3. Beth - Kiss is a song about how the band member's wives missed them while they were on tour.
4. Helena - My Chemical Romance The Song's lyrics described how Gerard Way, The band's vocalist feels for his late grandmother, Elena Lee Rush, who was referred to by her friends as "Helen" hence, the Title of the song.
5. Layla - Derek and the Dominoes Eric Clapton have written this song for George Harrison's then wife Pattie Boyd. During the 60's George and Eric became close friends and collaborated on some music projects, Clapton contributed guitar work on Harrison's song 'While my guitar gently weeps', and Harrison also contributed in the song 'Badge' by Clapton's Band 'Cream' when he "unexpectedly" fell inlove with Pattie Boyd. This situation though did not caused any damage to Harrison-Clapton friendship, and Pattie and George remained married for several more years. However, Pattie and George divorced in 1974 and Pattie married Clapton in 1979.
6. Darling Nikki - Prince This song is about a girl who seduced the singer and later became his "Sex Mate". This is also the song who led Tipper Gore to produce the "Parent Advisory" stickers on album covers.
7. Julia - The Beatles John Lennon wrote this song for his late mother Julia Lennon who was knocked out and killed by a car driven by a drunk off-duty police. John was then 17 years old.
8. Jolene - Bob Dylan
9.Gail - Alice Cooper
10. Oh Yoko! - John Lennon


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