Thursday, August 09, 2012

10 Depressing Rock Songs

All of us will suffer depression at one point or another due to the circumstances that will challenge our strength and ability to cope with it. Depression may be brought by a breakup, bereavement, loss of employment or property, and rejection. It may affect our overall mood, our judgment and perception, our relationship with others, and our well-being. Others recover from depression through the help of counselling and their support system (family, friends, love-one) but others lose and took their lives. I listed 10 depressing rock songs that we can listen to if we're feeling depressed and wanted to have some emotional songs on the background while nursing our broken hearts. NOTE: This is not to aggravate the depression, this is just to showcase the compositions that were a product of depression/depressing situations.

1. How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead
2. Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
3. And all that could have been - Nine Inch Nails
4. Fade to Black - Metallica
5. Heroin - Velvet Underground
6. Sober - Tool
7. One Hundred Years - The Cure
8. Decades - Joy Division
9. Lover, you should come over - Jeff Buckley
10. Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles


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