Monday, July 09, 2012

Rock Songs About the Sun

We've experienced a cold, gloomy weather these past few days because of several typhoons that hit the country last week. I've missed the hot, sunny weather, especially when I go out taking the kids to school. I hate walking in the muddy, wet road especially when there's flood, it's just ruining my day..and my outfit! Add to that the danger of soaking to flood because of several diseases and infections we might acquire such as athlete's foot and leptospirosis. But of course, we can't fight with nature, the rain will pour down whether we like it or not. So, to cheer the humdrum day up, I come up with rock songs that has something to do with the sun.
1. Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles One of my favorite The Beatles pieces because of its cheerful melody, reminds me of the feeling of finally seeing the sun after the long, cold, rainy weather. The song is actually about the joy of finally seeing the sun after the winter

2. Set the controls for the heart of the sun - Pink Floyd Some of the lyrics were borrowed from the chinese book The Poem of the late T'ang. Some of the lines were "Witness the man who raved at the wall as he wrote his questions to heaven", "watch little by little, the nights turn around", "countless the twigs which tremble the dawn", and "one inch of love is one inch of ashes" Which was written by Li He and Li Shangyin respectively.

3. Sunshine of your love - Cream This was written by Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton after they attended The Jimi Hendrix Experience Show in London. Bruce later wrote the riff that runs throughout the song.During an all night session, Pete Brown, as he looked at the window and saw the sun was coming up, he wrote " its getting near dawn and lights close their tired eyes", which was the first line of the lyrics. Clapton later wrote the bridge of the song.

4. Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden The song's lyrics seems like begging for the sun to come up to brighten up the bleak day brought by the rain.

5. Sun is Shining - Bob Marley A very sunny song and bright song! It is about appreciating the bright weather and the happy feeling brought by the sun. The lyrics said "sun is shining, the weather is sweet make you wanna move your dancing feet".

6. Midnight Sun - Asia It is about the mystery of the Midnight Sun phenomenon which is experienced during the summer months in the areas near the north arctic and south antartic poles. The Midnight Sun is a phenomenon where the sun is still visible at the local midnight.

7. Sunny - Bobby Hebb The song was actually written after the day President Kennedy was assassinated and Hebb's older brother was murdered at a local nightclub. Hebb was devastated by the events but wanted to just think of the happier times and look at the brighter day.

8. Warmth of the sun - The Beach Boys The song is about the love that will never die even if the relationship is all over. The guy in the song still dreams of the love that's already gone just like the warmth of the sun that's still there at night. The song was written the night of JFK's assassination

9. Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles It was a song about being in love with the girl named sunshine. One of the cheerful and happy The Beatles songs.


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