Sunday, July 01, 2012

DIY Frenzy

I've gone crazy about DIY things these past few days, and I've discovered a lot of blogs which are dedicated to DIY arts and crafts, especially accessories, bag decorations, shoe decorations, up-cycled clothes and a lot more. I am loaded with inspirations which I would like to create in the coming days and I want to share with you some of the pretty and unique DIYs I've found online.

This colorful wrap bracelet is actually made from fabric remnants | Dana's Fashion Blog
Chain link bracelet with colorful threads through them | Honestly WTF
Friendship bracelets from embroidery threads | Honestly WTF
Mirrored Headband | P.S. I made this
Chanel's chain earrings | P.S. I made this
Fringe Earrings | Dana's Fashion Blog
Turband | Oh, sweet joy!
Ombre Denim Shorts | Pop Champagne
Bib Necklace | pompomemporium
Zipper Bracelet | Cutoutandkeep

Credits: All respective owners of the images.

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