Saturday, June 02, 2012

Ten Rock Songs About School

A Piece from my Highschool Life. This was during our summer training for CAT. 

June marks the start of the year's second half. It also welcomes us to the coming of school days. Life at school are both hard and exciting. Sometimes, we experience a lot of backbreakers  like lack of sleep, stressors, cramming, rush projects, assignments, and sometimes financial problems, but of course, fun and happiness are also there. We go out with friends after a series of exams, drinking sessions or celebrations after getting high grades in the projects, a long hours of chit chat with friends after school, outings, or meeting someone who'll become the love of our lives (that part should be in college or after graduation from college!). I've compiled a  list of rock songs about school, going to school, and the whole experience of school life. What part of your school life is the happiest?

1. Were Gonna Be Friends - The White Stripes The Song is about the fun and excitement of going back to school. We meet a lot of friends and learning new things with them everyday. We also walk to school with them and head back home when class is over. 
2. Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd After being insulted by the teacher, Pink dreams that the kids in his school begin to protest against their abusive teachers.
3. Education - Pearl Jam A song about questioning our education, if that's what really can make us succeed in life or just something that will give us a title. It questions our relevance, can we make a difference or somehow contribute to the society through our education or just merely live everyday by the same routine.
4. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance Kids, especially in the adolescent period gets too moody or sometimes violent. Gerard Way wrote the song after finding himself in a Newyork Subway Car full of highschoolers. He was scared he was the target of the highschool kids.
5. High School Never Ends - Bowling for Soup The song is about the frustration of graduating from high school.
6. No Such Thing - John Mayer The song is sung from the perspective of a soon to be high school graduate. He is frustrated with the "typical" path of high school, college and career that the adults in his life endorse. He plans to follow his path to reach his dreams.
7. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus This was one of the best songs during the 90's because a lot of school kids especially guys can relate to this song. It is about a guy who had a crush on a girl whom he thought is so out of his league but turns out she likes him too! one of my favorite "school songs" .
8. Going Away To College - Blink 182 The Song about a guy who's scared of being left out by his girlfriend because she's going away to college. He's reminiscing about their moments together in high school.
9. School's Out - Alice Cooper A great song about vacation, especially during the last few days of school, where everything's just slowing down, students got nothing to do but just wait for the official school break.
10. Graduate - Third Eye Blind One of the best "school songs" during the 90's, it talks about graduating from everything. Graduating from school-stress, endless assignments, rush hours, and difficult school situations. It also talks about "graduating" from all the hardships in our lives, generally. Improving our lives, progressing, and being stable.

If you have other "School Songs" that you know, please comment down and share it. :)


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