Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 Best Classic Rock and Alternative Songs For Father's Day

What describes a good father? He is someone who provides for the family; the one we can lean on to when time gets tough; the one we can have a drink with when we succumb to problems; the one who will tell us we did a great job even if we failed a hundred times before we reach our dreams; and someone who'll love us though we can't hear him say how much he loves us ( coz he thought its kinda cheezy! LOL) but of course he lets us feel how important we are to him. But there were times that the father had gone astray. Instead of being an example to the children, he became a criminal; he became an abusive father and husband; he became a womanizer; or worse, he abandoned the family.

I personally experienced the extremes of the father. My Dad was a good provider. He's someone i can lean on when I got into a sticky situation. He was so proud of my simple achievements and accomplishments, like when i got my rank in CAT; when I graduated from gradeschool with flying colors; when he saw my first almost-perfect-score in my exams. He was there to help me on my projects (wood projects at school). That was so 10 years ago. Several years later, he had a change of heart. He left me and mom for another woman. Maybe he got tired of being my dad and husband to my mom.We were so devastated.

I met my husband several years ago, when i was just starting in college. He was not the ideal boyfriend a girl would want. He's not rich, he's kinda boastful, and he's just plain simple. But everything i thought about him changed when we had our children. He became the greatest man i know, the perfect man every woman would want to be the father of her children. He was industrious, thoughtful, punctual, loving, caring Dad. When i was having a duty in the hospital, he's the one who took care of the children before he goes to work. I was so thankful i was able to find a guy like him. I know that in the coming years, even if our boys have grown up and leave us to build their own lives, he would still be the best father they can rely on when they need a strong foundation to lean on.

I listed 10 best classic rock and alternative songs we can dedicate to our dad on his special day, whatever feelings we may have for him (for instance, I kinda feel bitter to my dad) some of these songs reflects the different situations we have with our dad. Happy Father's day to all the dads all over the world!

1. Daddy Sang Bass - Johnny Cash - 
2. Wake me up when September ends  Greenday
3.Daddy's Gone - Glasvegas  
4. Sometimes you can't make it on your own - U2 
5. Rooster - Alice in Chains 
6. Father of mine - Everclear
7. Old Man - Neil Young
8. I will Take you home - Grateful Dead
9.Dont cry daddy - Elvis Presley
10. Leader of the band - Dan Fogelberg


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