Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 Rock Songs about Mothers

The First person we come in contact with during the first hours of our lives is our mother. She is very crucial to our growth and development, character, and in our whole being. In time for mother's day, here are 10 Rock Songs about the special woman in our lives, our mother.

Rolling Stones - "Mother's Little Helper." This rock song is about the age-related difficulties many mother's deal with. The mother's little helper that the Rolling Stones are referring to is medication.

Pink Floyd - "Mother." The lyrics consist of various questions asked to their mother, many spoken from a child's perspective. The song also deals with the issues that can arise by a child being too sheltered from the ills of the world - instead of truly being given an understanding of them.

Paul McCartney - "Only Mama Knows." An aggressive guitar drives the adrenaline level of this rock song about Paul's mother to a frantic frenzy. McCartney ponders the reasons why his mother raised him in "this God-forsaken town".
John Lennon - "Mother." This gorgeous dedication to John Lennon's mother and father is tender and often very heartbreaking—considering it is more of a goodbye song. The somber pianos bang along with Lennon's sadness as if they are leaning on each other for support.
Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me Not To Come." This rock song is dedicated to the good advice your mother often gives, that you may not fully appreciate until you get older. They speak about awkward situations that their mother would truly not approve of.
The Beatles - "Mother Nature's Son." The mother that this rock song is dedicated to is not any of the mothers that game birth to The Beatles, but rather Mother Nature. Being a son to Mother Nature consists of appreciating her beauty and manifestations instead of ruining them.
Bob Dylan - "Mama, You've Been On My Mind." This acoustic mother tribute is a rock song about all the wonderful things that remind Dylan of his precious mother. His longing for seeing her is clear and pushes the lyrical depictions to a very relatable place.
Aerosmith - "Mama Kin." This rousing hard rock song can be interpreted as the importance of keeping in touch with your mother, no matter how hectic your life may become. Keeping that bond should be a driving force for success, not something that is completely ignored, as you both grow older.
The Police - "Mother." This intense rock song about mothers speaks to a strained mother-and-son relationship. The vocals are screamed; apparently a phone call from mother is not something being looked forward to.
Elton John - "Mama Can't Buy You Love." Elton John brings forth a song about how a mother can't purchase love for her daughter. This apparently is a void that he is waiting to fill for the girl.

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