Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today, our cable line has finally got its DIGIBOX from sky cable. It is the box that will be attached to the tv and the cable line to get that crystal clear channel receptions. The installation is free, however, an increase of 100 pesos will be added to the bill monthly. Not bad, especially if you're experiencing a grainy, almost blank reception on your tv screen. We've waited for this for almost a month. The kids are always fussing about the tv screen because they cant watch their favorite TV shows like spongebob squarepants. Now, they are able to watch their favorite shows clearly.
We were watching Tron Legacy in Star Movies Channel.

Just a reminder though, Dont let your Child watch TV this close for it might damage their sight, plus, they will receive much amounts of radiation from the TV. Watching should be at least 6 feet far from the TV. Carl is fond of watching this close so what i did was to let him lie down in the bed far from the TV while watching. 


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