Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Black Nazarene

Yesterday, we went to Quirino Grandstand For the feast of the black nazarene. My family is a devotee for nearly three decades and now my parents passed on to my family the tradition of attending the feast every year. 
The black Nazarene was originally colored white but it turned black because of the fire that burned the ship that carried the nazarene from Acapulco, Mexico.
Many of Filipinos especially the devotees believe that the statue is miraculous. It can help you make your dreams come true, or anything that you pray for, will be granted by the black nazarene. During the feast, many people are eager to touch the cord that is used to pull around the cart which contained the nazarene for it is believed that touching it will bring luck. 
A view of Manila City Hall. Taken during the feast. these people were from Quirino grandstand.

Carl was waiting for our next destination.

A closer Look of the Nazarene while in procession. My first time to take a photo this near because the procession is usually filled with millions of devotees.

Another closer shot of the Nazarene in procession.

We went at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City to eat. We never waited for the procession to be finished because it usually take almost a day to pass the routes near the Quiapo Basilica.
Carl running free 


Baked Macaroni Pizza from Sbarro

The day was very tiring and on the news, the procession ended after 22 hours, and nearly 8 million people attended the procession. It is important that we'll always remember who really is that we worship. Whatever religion we have, we must keep in mind that even if we are doing rituals or tradition in showing our devotion, if we are not doing something to improve our lives, then our dreams, aspirations, and wishes in life wont be possible. Prayer changes things, but we should also WORK. Have a great day!

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