Saturday, October 29, 2011


My son Carl turned four years old last October 22. Weeks Prior to his birthday, i went to a local school to inquire about their Special Education. I was hopeful that they will admit my son to he will learn communication techniques like sign language and lip reading. Unfortunately, the school wont accept him because he's still so young and may not be able to cope up with his peers in school. The administration said that they will admit the kid when he's five years old. So now, i'm trying my best to teach him how to count, write, and read the alphabet. I've searched the internet for ways on how to teach a deaf kid. I hope that Our government will also prioritize kids with special needs. They should have education programs for special children that is affordable and wont drain our pockets. Tuition fees in private schools which cater special education costs fifty to one hundred thousand per school year.

                                            Happy birthday Carl! mama and papa loves you! :)

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